TBW, with over 27 years of expertise, is constantly expanding and extending the technology in the superabrasive industry. We develop patented tooling and products which increase productivity and quality in our customers products.
TBW Industries, Inc., a leading superabrasive manufacturer provides superior products for electronic, laboratory and industrial applications.

As a global supplier of polishing solutions, TBW offers products that maximize polishing performance with consistent quality and exceptional life, delivering the best total value to our customers.

TBW services diverse markets with standard and application specific products

CMP Wafer Polishing
Laboratory Characterization
Optics Polishing
Tooling Carbide Manufacturing
Mold & Die Grinding
Tool Sharpening
Cement Petrography
Surface Grinding
Stone Grinding
Maintenance & Repair Pipe Grinding
Valve Grinding
Surface Grinding
Honing, Sharpening
Advanced Materials
Metals Metallography
Laboratory Characterization

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