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TBW Industries Inc., specializes in advanced abrasive materials and processes for the electronics industry. Our expert staff provides complete engineering support for polishing, conditioning and controlled removal applications.

TBW's Grid-Abrade diamond pad conditioners deliver exceptional performance, quality and value.

• Long disk life
•Maximum pad life
•Consistent removal rate, uniformity
•Efficient removal of polish residues
•Fast X Change reduces downtime
•In-situ; in all chemistries

•Bonds assured to forces exceeding 50 times those of CMP
•Low shear, fewer defects, no slurry agglomeration
•ISO9000 quality management system

•Lowest cost of consumables
Save 50% over competitive materials
•TBW Pre-conditioning process
Eliminates possibility of diamond loss
Saves production time
•Process specific products
•100% on time delivery performance
•Ongoing technical support

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